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Our Logo Reveal Is On YouTube

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Learning About 2020 Vision in Vegas

Learning is a continuous process, and it never stops even after finishing school. Because we know this fact, the TCA Lexington team does all that they can to help develop our team's student mentality and learn something new every day. Recently, our leadership team traveled to Las Vegas to attend our first conference of the year. Alongside loving the city, we came and learned new skills to help us prepare for the year ahead. Watch our recap video of our conference on YouTube.

12 Techniques for Setting Effective Resolutions

By Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

Small-business owners have to set expectations for themselves. These resolutions can come in many forms, but the one thing they all have in common is that they offer concrete goals to pursue, either personal or professional—and can be tricky to actually accomplish.

Entrepreneurs need to develop a skill for creating realistic, reachable resolutions if they intend to succeed. We asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council what their trick was to setting effective resolutions or goals and then achieving them, and how those methods could be adapted by others. HERE is what they said!

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